Why do we exist?

For the world to encounter God’s transforming presence.

Changing the world requires more than persuasion. It requires encounters with God.


How do we do it?

We live in God’s presence and lead others into encounters with God

Jesus came for people and he cares about them in all sectors of society and business. He chooses to use people to reveal his heart and purpose and Glory on Earth.


What does it look like?

We establish healthy churches in the world who encounter God’s presence, manifest His love and transform people, cities and nations

This ‘what’ could change for other entities like a local church, Catch The Fire Music, missions, etc.


Brand Tagline


Encounter God’s transforming Presence

The invitation.


Brand Experience



Encounter. Relationship. Love. Grace. Presence. Intimacy. Belong. Rest. Receive. Trust. Connection. Vulnerability. Humility. Home. Welcoming. Lavished.



Freedom. Identity. Health. Uniqueness. Authenticity. Genuine. Integrity. Ownership. Transparency. Courage. Transformation. Love.



Presence. Spirit. Supernatural. Power. Anointing. Truth. Spontaneity. Trinity. Revelation. Belief. Faith. Thriving. Diversity. Honour. Love.



Equip. Growth. Learn. Raising Leaders. Equality. Excellence. Journey. Destiny. Joy. Fun. Passionate. Creative. Extravagance. Abundance. Story. Impartation. Love.



Support. Accountability. Progression. Multiplication. Give. Generous. Action. Movement. Quality. Change. Advancing. Innovation. Direction. Teamwork. Friendship. Family. Community. Strategic. Faith.


Brand Story — Your Journey, our Adventure

Encounter God with us.


There is always more.


You were born to carry God’s presence and lead people into encounters with God.


Together, we can transform the world.