We are family

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As part of the family, we see you, we hear you and we value you.

Catch The Fire Hub is a space created to encourage, educate and launch you. Full of inspiration, information, equipping and creative takeaways, this cultural hub is here to support your overall Catch The Fire experience.



Catch The Fire is our home. With unified purpose, values and vision, we love to explore what they look like in our everyday cultural lifestyle.

Are you ready to find your fit and go on an adventure?

In this section you can immerse yourself into the Catch The Fire experience. Full of fresh inspiring updates and ways to nurture your own development, this is your fit and together, this is our adventure.



Catch The Fire is our launching pad for growth. As well as to inform, we love to inspire those things we have all been uniquely created to be and propelled to do.

Are you ready to get equipped and be launched in the sphere you have been placed to lead in?

In this section you can explore a library of phenomenal fresh content full of tips, teachings and wisdom to help equip your own journey of growth.



Catch The Fire is our brand. It is more than just a name, it is who we are as a family and the compelling motivation of why we do what we love to do.

Are you ready to communicate Catch The Fire’s intentions clearly and consistently?

In this section you can discover Catch The Fire’s brand style guide. Full of identified values, attributes and artwork, it’s a standard of excellence that reflects the heart of the movement and supports all your communication.


Join our family.

Catch The Fire welcomes you to be part of the growing family. A career with Catch The Fire is far more than a job. In all our roles, it is an invitation to help establish healthy churches in the world who encounter God’s presence, manifest His love and transform people, cities, nations.

We hire people who embody our values and who inspire excellence in the pursuit of God. If this is you, we want to hear from you.