Podcasting is a great way for our churches to connect to their church family digitally.

It's a great alternative to archive and share your weekly messages and it's an incredible platform for your church to expand to new shows infused with personality. Below are some guidelines and best practices so that our brand stays consistent throughout multiple platforms.

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Podcast Artwork

You can download the Photoshop template below for the Sunday Message.

For shows other than the Sunday Message, you are free to be creative and make your own artwork but please do not move the position of the brand icon or the placement of your church location.

NOTE: Before you open any of the artwork files, please ensure you have installed the brand fonts. You can download the fonts on our Typography page.


Below is our suggested format for titling your show and episodes. This should help clarify which church the sermon is produced from while still helping us stand out and look unified as a brand.

Naming convention for your show:
Show title: Name of your show (example: Sunday Message)
Author: Catch The Fire [location]
Network: Catch The Fire [location]
About: Write a couple of sentences describing the show. (example: This is the Sunday Message from Catch The Fire Church in Toronto.)

Naming convention for episodes:
Title of episode: [Title of sermon] - [Name of Speaker] (example: Learning to be Fathered - Jonathan Clarke)
Description:  Write a couple of sentences describing the episode. We are suggesting it will work best if you put a short description, even if it’s just one line saying “Recorded Live at Catch The Fire Church in [location].” (example: Jonathan Clarke is the Worship Pastor at Catch The Fire. Recorded live in Toronto, March 15, 2018).

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