Creative Freelancers

Need help with anything creative? We have a solution for you — creative freelancers!

The brand roll out is an exciting ongoing process and one we value greatly in all areas of communication. Every written and visual element contributes to the brand experience we are nurturing and establishing. With a level of intention and guidance, we are inviting you to dig into creativity and see Catch The Fire’s brand blossom in your sphere of influence. Good yes, excellence absolutely!

Not every church has a team of creatives at the ready to help support this journey. We are thrilled to have gathered together a bunch of passionate and reputable creative communicators from across the globe — creative freelancers. With a portfolio full of amazing loveliness in their given written or visual expertise, their freelancing service is available for you to use.

From video, branding, web design, graphic design to editorial content and much more, be inspired to invite them into your world.

Peruse at your leisure and connect directly — we love them!

If you are a creative freelancer and would like to be added to this existing list, please email and let’s start a conversation together.