Meet the Team


Bubbling with creativity, Catch The Fire has a global team of brand experts who enjoy exploring design possibilities from initial concepts through to final completion. With a combined wealth of educated communication skills and professional experience, this team has a passion to see Catch The Fire’s brand continually flourish.

So, let us introduce you…

Ben Jackson [2nd left] is a creative thinker who is motivated by communication excellence. Instinctively strategic, Ben challenges existing norms by bringing fresh creative solutions.

Originally from England and with a wealth of design experience, Ben lives in Canada with his wife Sarah and three gorgeous girls, River, Emily and Sophia. Ben’s creativity extends to the kitchen as a home chef, cooking impeccable and delicious recipes for those he loves.

A few of his favourite things: Communication; hosting friends and family; delicious flavours; worship; and God’s presence!

Jo Smith [4th left] is an intuitive conversation starter and enjoys intentionally connecting and asking questions [a little cheeky and rather challenging at times] to help identify brand, bring movement and build culture.

Originally a designer, educator and life coach from England, Jo lives in Canada with her husband Russ and four precious poppets, Ella, Gracie, Judah and Olivia. Together they wholeheartedly explore a life of wholeness, making wonderful memories along the way.

A few of her favourite things: Typography; the colour red; chatting over a lovely hot cuppa; stickie notes; and running!

Jon Long [3rd left] is a resourceful problem solver and with a passion for marketing has an incredible gift of getting things done, especially when it comes to reaching tight deadlines.

Despite being a true Canadian, If Jon could live on a cruise ship somewhere hot, he would. Married to Melissa and a dad to three wonderful young children, Ethan, Benedict and Juliette, Jon enjoys living a culture of teamwork makes the dream work.

A few of his favourite things: Can do attitude; efficiency; fun; cooking exquisite meals; and squirrels!

Marcott Bernade [5th left] is a phenomenal designer who diligently thinks through all the communication scenarios, ready to design much needed solutions. Her passion for typography and typesetting shines through her creativity.

Born in the Philippines, Marcott relocated to Canada with her family at the young age of 11. Married to Steve, together they enjoy cooking up a storm with a mix of scrummy Asian flavours [to be truly honest, I think Marcott is the motivated taste tester].

A few of her favourite things: Pizza; coffee; butter; socks; and being an auntie to her niece!

Sam Nudds [1st left] is a design extraordinaire who contributes innovative, intuitive and beautiful solutions with excellence. His attention to creative detail consistently shows that he truly does care in every step of the design process.

Sam is married to Sarah and although both from England they have a passion for adventures, travelling and actively making a difference in Africa, where Kenya is their second home.

A few of his favourite things: Family; sushi; working out; coffee; and music!

As Catch The Fire ambassadors, each one of you has already played a major role in the brand process. You have talked and we have listened, we’ve asked questions and we have listened some more. Our goal with brand is to identify the best solution that represents the identity of who Catch The Fire is.

What an incredible partnership of team this is.

To keep things progressing with excellence, we need you and your ongoing creative expertise.

We are here to inspire, coach, equip and support you. Feel free to reach out and ask us questions by emailing