Frequently Asked Questions

Assume nothing.
Question everything.

Frequently asked questions or alternatively FAQs, are fully welcomed here in this safe space. A powerful question is a reflection of committed listening and is motivated by the need to have clarity and understanding.

There are no wrong or right questions, just those questions that inspire movement towards a solution. Your questions may also bring freedom to those in the Catch The Fire family who have not yet articulated how to ask their question for the challenges they are also facing. They too may not fully know what logo to use, what colours not to use, or what words we capitalize or not.

As we grow into Catch The Fire’s brand, although familiar, everything is new and with anything new we give ourselves permission to learn and grow into the brand. We are getting to know the brand in all its new formatting and expectations. We would rather you ask a question, no matter how ridiculous it feels, than to feel stuck or go ahead with something uncertain. What makes sense to us may not make sense to you. All it takes is an email or a phone call to help you feel supported.

So having said all that, in the footer of you will see a FAQs link with many questions that have already been answered, however if you cannot find what you are looking for, then please reach out and ask away at: We are here to gladly support you.

PS. We LOVE answering questions!

Brand CultureJo SmithComment