Business Cards


Here is a step by step guide showing you how to produce your own team’s business cards.

As a brand essential resource, these templates are part of the core brand identity, therefore we would love you to follow it exactly to help keep global consistency.


Step 1. Choose one of our template types


Google Doc Template

Step 1: Click the link for template you need

Step 2: Click ‘File’ and select ‘Make a copy’ the Google Document before editing. Its worth saving a different copy for each staff member you’re creating cards for.

Step 3: Edit away!

FRONT - Individual Business Card

FRONT - Individual Business Card

FRONT - Couples Business Card

FRONT - Couples Business Card

BACK - For Custom Design

BACK - For Custom Design


Adobe Template

NOTE: Before you open any of the artwork files from the Adobe Template, please ensure you have installed the brand fonts. You can download the fonts on our Typography page


Step 2. Input your details on the Front

We have created templates for both individual and couple business cards. Please maintain the layout and positions of the elements on the front of the business card

Individual Business Cards.jpg

Step 3. Choose from one of our designs or use your own photography on the Back

We’ve included 6 designs to choose from for the back of the business card however are you welcome to choose your own image. Please ensure the logo remains central and the same size as set in the template.

Back designs.jpg

Step 3. Export your artwork

Once you’re happy with the the artwork, export a high res jpeg ready for print. There are many business card printers to use, we like to use Vistaprint.