How to order t-shirts

The question we get a lot is how to make t-shirts. These are useful in a lot of ways, to help identify teams and staff as well as to make sellable products at your church or your event. 

Things to consider...

  • Who is wearing these things? - Will they actually wear a t-shirt, or prefer a polo or hoodie? The "target demographic" or "perfect customer" is worth pondering before you start the process.
  • What fabric? - 100% Cotton, Cotton / Poly Blend, Moisture absorbent fabrics and lots more in between are all available and have different fabric weights, feels and comfort levels. I good tip is to go a grab your favourite shirt in your drawer or closet and see what it is made of. If you love it, then others will probably love it too. 
  • Crew Neck, V-Neck, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve? - Again it's important to figure out what your audience wants. What temperature is your building at? A good tip is to ask a few people that are in your audience that would wear these shirts. See what they prefer.
  • Sizes and Fits. - You can order infant all the way to 3XL in Canada, so it's worth guessing at usage and of your audience. The tricky part is that many manufacturers have different sizes, and don't always compare. An example is an American Apparel (Popular Brand) shirt is usually smaller than a Gildan Shirt, so I myself and a Large in one and a medium in another. Always ask for samples before you buy if they are available. 
  • Screen Sizes. - The screen is the size of whatever image (image can also be text) you are printing. With some orders, I've used multiple screen sizes of the same image so it looks better. The screen that fits well on a Small shirt, might not look as good on an XL or 2XL shirt. The proportions, placement and even impact can be completely different. Each screen usually has a setup fee, so budget does become a factor. 

Once you've figured all this out, you need get these things printed! Find a company near you! This is helpful as speed is usually a big factor. As much as we try to work ahead, we are always cutting it close, so the less distance the finished product needs travel, the faster it gets to you. Just "GOOGLE" T-SHIRT Printers (City you live in), and lots of options come up. 

Working with the same company is better as they will do rush jobs, and even give you better pricing in the long run. Their reps are also great to walk you through the process and help. 

Below is an example of a shirt we just did for our greeters and volunteers at church. 

We ended up choosing an American Apparel Cranberry Red Crew Neck and added a white flame to the left sleeve. They cost about $14/per shirt and do to a relationship with the company was able to have them within 3 business days!