Target Audiences

We've reworked the whole brand guide trying to take into account our two major target audiences - this is to make it more attractive as a read but also quick and easy to reference.



These are all the Catch The Fire staff team spread around the globe, they work in many different functions like pastors, finance, kids workers, administrators, maintenance, board members.  Typically these people have little or no design experience so this guide needs to be accessible to them.  We're trying to consider:

  • No design/creative experience
  • Try not to have jargon
  • Need to be simple, clear, concise for easy understanding (we have international pastors where English is not their first language)
  • Important info they need: big vision stuff to guide their team on proper ways to communicate
  • Need a bit of the visual stuff to educate them on what looks right and what doesn’t look right.
  • Lots of examples to see what is possible and what should be avoided.
  • Resources and templates that are editable in free applications (GoogleDocs).



As time goes on we'll have more creative staff members and contractors working for different Catch The Fire entities around the world.  These designers, sign makers, videographers, etc are looking for specific details about the brand so they can portray it correctly in media applications.

  • They need details and specifics
  • May or may not be a part of the church (therefore it needs to have big vision stuff too, to brief them on the brand)
  • Skill levels vary from hobbyist, beginners, pros
  • They already have a basic understanding of brand guidelines
  • Important info they need: the technical specifications to deliver a consistent look and reflect the voice of the organization
  • Access to various file formats including vectors and Creative Cloud templates.